Fresh Produce Supply Agreement

6.1 If the buyer correctly refuses one of the non-contract goods, the buyer must nevertheless pay the full price of that goods, unless the buyer gives the refusal to the Seller within 4 hours of delivery and returns it to the Seller at the buyer`s expense within 24 hours of delivery. 6.2 Goods considered inferior by the buyer; The buyer must not keep the goods for a possible withdrawal by the seller. If the seller feels that the merchandise is appropriate when picking up, the buyer may be responsible for administrative and collection costs. 6.3 If, for any reason, we are unable to provide a particular item for any reason, we are not responsible to you. Please note that we will try to provide an equivalent or equivalent product if the selected item is not available, unless you ask us not to do so. 7.1 The goods are made at the buyer`s risk from delivery. 7.2 Despite delivery, ownership of the goods can only be transferred by the seller from customs, when: 7.2:1 The buyer has paid the full price plus VAT; and 7.2:2 No other sums due by the buyer to the seller. 7.3 Until the crossing of the reserve to the buyer in accordance with point 7.2, the buyer must consider the merchandise and each of them as a pre-castle for the seller. The buyer must store the merchandise (at no cost to the seller) separately from all other goods in his possession and be labelled so that they are clearly identified as belonging to the seller. The buyer must keep the goods in such a way that they delay their deterioration. The buyer must, if necessary, cool the goods. 7.4 Notwithstanding the fact that the merchandise (or one of them) remains the property of the seller, the buyer may sell or use the merchandise at full market value on behalf of the Seller as part of the buyer`s proper management. Such a sale or such a trade is a sale or use of the seller`s property by the buyer in his own name and the buyer will act as a prime contractor when such sales or transactions.

Until the seller`s reserve is returned, the entire proceeds of the sale or merchandise are held fiduciaryly for the seller and are not mixed with other funds or paid into an excess bank account and is identified at all significant times as the seller`s money. 7.5 The seller has the right to recover the price (possibly plus VAT), regardless of the property that has not been removed from the seller in one of the goods.

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