Hsa Collective Agreement Maternity Leave

11.3.2A If the teacher is not entitled to EI benefits, the teacher has access to sickness benefits in accordance with section 10. There are two types of maternity pay schemes (also known as „reloading” wages, while they receive maternity benefits IE): „healthy” and „firm” plans. In both cases, a teacher may also choose sick leave instead of the health-related or fixed salary plan. The salary increase is paid only during periods when teachers receive a single salary and only for maternity leave (not parents). Note that you must receive OV to recharge. Regardless of the workers in one of the above clauses, the persons who, for health reasons or aged sixty (60) years or older or after thirty-five (35) years of uninterrupted or retired service, are entitled to three (3) weeks of leave during the year of leave, provided, however, that a worker who, under these provisions, has another right to four (4), five (5) or six (6) weeks of leave, enjoys the same right during the year of leave. This fee will be in addition to vacation leave credited at the end of the previous year. (d) Local agreements on the organization of twelve (12) hours generally correspond, with the necessary changes to the extensive general post regime, described as follows: by prior appointment, workers have access to personal health care during their leave and/or on a medical flight to a centre where the necessary facilities are available or designated by a doctor. At the request of the Union, the employer makes copies of the current employment cards available to the Union. A copy of the new or revised job descriptions, including proposed securities and rates of pay, is forwarded by the employer to SAHO and the Union at least thirty (30) days before the necessary posting. Titles and rates of pay are negotiated between the Union and SAHO to replace the employer for each new occupational category/classification/post and any reclassification of an existing occupation/classification/position. An employee who has a job is placed on the current salary schedule on the basis of the requirements of the position that does not rely on the securities of the existing company. In the absence of agreement in negotiations on the title and rates of remuneration between the employer and the Union, both parties may refer the matter to arbitration proceedings in accordance with Article 9.08 of this agreement.

SEIU/SAHO; CUPE 7 (176)/Regina Health District; sgEU/Wascana Rehabilitation Centre/Lakeside/Parkland/SAHO retains the right to leave and sick pay at the end or retirement, in accordance with the following provisions. If rights are invoked provincially, these rights may be transferred when workers are employed at another regional public health agency. If rights apply to certain workplaces and workers move voluntarily, this right is not transferable. Each HSAS member who is dismissed by an (1) employer and who is employed by the same or other employer applying this agreement in one (1) calendar year: 6.1 Leave is provided in accordance with this memorandum and the participation agreement between the participant and the employer. Please note that the calculation of the normal weekly wage includes all hours provided during the 20-week period prior to maternity leave. For part-time workers, this amount exceeds the full-time equivalency of their employment, as they often work in additional shifts.

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