Mibco Wage Agreement 2020

She says: „Despite this, we have been able to get higher wages, especially for the lowest paid garage workers in the sector. We would like to thank our public servants for their tireless work to ensure these increases, and we urge them to continue to serve our members to the best of their ability. „It should be noted that the agreement was not signed in January 2019, but was signed in January 2020 following numerous requests from the RMI to Numsa to do so.” We call for the RMI to stop playing with the lives of workers and ratify the collective agreement in Mibco,” he said. The union said the 8% wage agreement signed last January had not been ratified because the RMI had deliberately tried to thwart the work of the Automotive Industry Council (Mibco). Cape Town – Members of the Provincial Province`s National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) went on strike yesterday outside the offices of the Automotive Retail Trade Organization (RMI) in Parov and called for urgent ratification of the wage increases settlement agreement. Members would be aware of the MIBCO salary cycle, which runs annually from September 1 to August 31. In the meantime, the new wage plans should have been distributed to employers, either by MIBCO or by the RMI, but this has not yet been done, as the main agreement amended for year 2 of the three-year wage cycle has not yet been published by the Minister of Employment and Labour. Only a main agreement, published and extended, is mandatory for implementation and legally binding for all employers and all workers. An established agreement contains an implementation date (no retrotation) and as soon as we have such a date, all members will be updated by a circular containing the new salary plans and related provisions for the period up to August 31, 2021. Members who are financially able to do so may choose to make wage increases on September 1, 2020 or prior to the publication of the agreement, on an exclusively voluntary and non-prejudiced basis. If a member implements the increases in this way, he is not obliged to do so again as soon as the agreement is published, since the agreement contains an undefined provision authorizing compensation for the increases granted in the previous twelve months in relation to what is legally due and payable at the time of publication. A bitter and persistent seating dispute has „paralyzed” the Automotive Industry Council (Mibco) due to the industry`s inability to implement a three-year collective agreement that was to be concluded in the second year of implementation. This delay means that thousands of auto industry workers are losing wage increases which, as part of an inter-professional agreement, are expected to increase by 7% in the first two years and 6.5% in the third year…

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