Njic Agreement 2019

Nigeriamaritime360.com recalls that the seafarers` unions have repeatedly stated that their employers have deliberately refused to participate in various meetings that have been called upon to conclude and sign the agreement on several occasions. NaECI 2019 – 2020 is available in free pdf (see article below) and as a booklet for purchase. The agreement was reached on Tuesday at the NJIC constituent meeting at the Nigerian Security agency (NIMASA) in Lagos. The Union deplored the fact that shipowners do not appear to be interested in the implementation of the agreement and that they have been trying to thwart it over the past eight years. According to him, the collective agreement signed on 28 April on the NJIC platform between CAMPEF and NUCFRLANMPE was to come into force on 1 April 2017 and last two years. The membership structure and the constitution of the NJCECI form the basis of a single table agreement and set the standards for the practice in place. Continuous improvement in standards has had a positive impact on workers` safety and well-being conditions; and it continues to have a great influence on the performance of the engineering industry. The long-awaited signing of the new National Joint Industrial Council (NJIC) finally came to an end today, 27 February 2018, with the NJIC team of the Construction – Civil Engineering Senior Staff Association (CCESSA) and the Federation of the Construction Industry (FOCI) having signed a new contract effective 1 November 2017, i.e. all arrears to be paid to employees. A new two-year contract was successfully signed in November 2018 and NJC Communique 13 (18) contains all the details of the counts and increases in rates and quotas for the period 2019-2020. The new NAECI 2019 – 2020 reflects these changes and is available for free download in PDF format below. However, he called on employers to ensure timely and smooth implementation of the new NJIC agreement, which will improve workers` well-being, to avoid unnecessary tensions and work disturbances.

„This agreement, in my view, will encourage dockworkers to provide better services than they have always done, because this agreement does take care of the salaries and service status of Nigerian dockworkers. It will also improve the quality of life for dockworkers. Eu President Babatunde Olatunji revealed in an interview with presenters in Ota, Ogun State, that the new workers` wage package was the result of the agreement signed by Labour and employers on 28 April 2017.

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