Written Agreement On Occupational Health And Safety

Part of a successful policy is to ensure that all employees are aware of it. If the work plan for the implementation of the directive is good, staff are recalled in their day-to-day activities, at security meetings, and during orientation and training. The Pledge Dictionary defines „politics” as an „action plan; a deliberately chosen course or method that guides or influences future decisions. By establishing principles and rules, a workplace health and safety policy is at the forefront. A statement of principles indicates an employer`s commitment to health and safety. The explanation of employers` commitment should be more than an overview of legal obligations. Compliance with health and safety policy may be part of staff job descriptions. Each worker can receive a copy of the policy at the beginning of their employment and be informed that following the policy is a condition of employment. The statement of principles should clearly state the company`s workplace health and safety objectives and plans. The following points should be addressed in the statement: No matter how well written, a directive is nothing more than empty words when a plan does not exist to implement the directive throughout the organisation. The policy can only be implemented where: the best strategies are job specific and reflect the nature, scale and risks and risks of the OHS for this workplace. An employer may delegate the development of a policy to an officer.

The policy should be developed in consultation with the Health and Safety Committee or the worker or their representatives. However, the written statement on occupational health and safety policy is a commitment to workers and therefore the employer is responsible. The safety policy should be dated and signed by the senior employee at the workplace. The workplace can strengthen its commitment to policy by conducting regular safety interviews, posting signs in the workplace, writing articles about the directive in corporate newsletters, posting on the internal website, sending emails with reference to it in work manuals, etc. To implement a policy, health and safety activities must be identified and assigned. While each workplace will do so in its own way, some general issues should be addressed: the individual has a responsibility to carry out his or her duties. For a health and safety program to have the desired results, everyone must know their responsibility in the workplace. Canada`s health and safety laws require employers to have a workplace health and safety program.

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